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Pupil Mentors

Children that have shown exceptional behaviour at The Ridge Academy can earn to be mentors. They need to:

  1. Know and demonstrate the school mission statement
  2. Score more than 50 points for 5 consecutive days
  3. Set a good example to other children at all times
  4. Have done something with out being asked that is helpful to another child or member of staff
  5. Have demonstrated that they can be trusted
  6. Can be sensible if they are sent to do a job

Mentors sign an agreement when they have completed their assessment and they are then presented with a green mentor jumper in assembly.

Mentors can earn the following rewards:

  1. An extra bikes sessions
  2. An extra bouncy castle session
  3. Mentors club
  4. End of term special meal

To earn these rewards mentors need to do the following jobs:

  1. Trusted to take the register
  2. Helping people
  3. Making sure everyone has someone to play with
  4. Showing visitors around school
  5. Helping keep the school tidy

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Mentor Agreement

Mentor Rewards

The role of mentor is a responsibility but also there are rewards. Here are the Mentors at their Christmas reward meal.

End of term celebration at McDonalds for mentors.

posted 14 Apr 2017, 02:07 by Philippa Dancey

Lots of mentors enjoyed their meal at McDonalds to celebrate a great Spring term. 

Our busiest mentor's breakfast yet - April 2017

posted 3 Apr 2017, 09:09 by Philippa Dancey

13 pupils sat down to breakfast this morning to celebrate their mentor status - our biggest breakfast for mentors to date - well done everyone!

Mentors meal out - February 2017

posted 3 Apr 2017, 09:03 by Philippa Dancey

Our mentors enjoying their end of term meal out.

First Mentor's Breakfast of the Year - September 2016

posted 3 Apr 2017, 08:58 by Philippa Dancey   [ updated 3 Apr 2017, 09:01 ]

The first mentors breakfast of the year. Well done to Conrad, Runarko, Taylor and Nathan!

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