Rainbow Class

Taught by Miss Jones assisted by Miss Smith and Miss White

Rainbows and Olympics

posted 11 Jul 2016, 01:49 by Philippa Dancey   [ updated 25 Jul 2016, 05:16 ]

Rainbows are enjoing the class topic The Ancient Greeks and the Olympics. We have been looking at measures in Maths and have been using a range of ways to measure length, including Lego bricks and rulers. We measured Ahrodite’s hair, Athena’s shield, Zeus’s Lightning Bolt and the length of the Minotaurs horn. 

We have also started to look at and research Ancient Greek pots and design some of our own. Next week we will be making our own pots out of clay so have practiced using it this week to make an Olympic medal. There were some fantastic techniques used to create the medal’s design.

Ancient Greece in Rainbows

posted 10 Jun 2016, 09:01 by Philippa Dancey

Rainbows have been really busy this week getting into our new topic 'Ancient Greece and the Olympics'. The children have been busy cutting out flags from around the world, making their own Olympic torches and celebrating some Greek traditions during our Toga party on Thursday. The children were fantastic at preparing the food for our Greek feast and all tried Greek salad, feta cheese, olives, houmus and Tzatziki. We also designed some Greek paper plates and spun them in the air for good luck as well as tried some Greek dancing. A fun week for all!

Magic Goo in Rainbows

posted 14 May 2016, 03:00 by Philippa Dancey

Last week Rainbows started to do some experiments with solids, liquids and goo! We looked at how the particles behave in solids, liquids and gases and became particles ourselves in the class. With our magical wizarding ways we mixed a potion of cornflour and water to make goo. The goo was solid when we moved it in our hands but turned to liquid when it was still.

Hogwarts moves to Rainbows

posted 1 May 2016, 04:39 by Philippa Dancey

Mr Meggs popped into class on Monday and pointed out how proud he was that all of Rainbows had their school uniform on and looked very smart. They were awarded 15 extra points each. We have been doing some work on newspapers. Today we have been preparing some interview questions for a report for The Daily Prophet about the incident with the Troll in the Girl's Toilets at Hogwarts.

Wow trip for Rainbows

posted 23 Apr 2016, 07:11 by Philippa Dancey

Rainbows went on a class ‘WOW’ trip in the first week to Gloucester Cathedral where some of the Harry Potter films were recorded. We dressed in our Wizard hats and took our magic wands that we made. The Tour Guides were amazing and took us around some of the settings. We walked down the corridor where the Troll tried to attack Hermione in the first film. We all walked like trolls and hid behind the pillars like Harry and Ron. We were then sorted into houses with the Sorting Hat.

The behaviour was absolutely amazing that day. We then spent the rest of the afternoon at Gloucester Park where we ate our picnic and played on the swings.

Working hard in Rainbows

posted 12 Apr 2016, 11:04 by Philippa Dancey

In Rainbow Class we have been making 2D nets to make into 3D miniature rooms which we are making into Harry Potter scenes. We made the nets, cut them and have painted the walls and floor so far. We are also making curtains and rugs out of different pieces of material.

Rainbow Reward Trip to Slimbridge

posted 23 Mar 2016, 11:26 by Philippa Dancey

The class were amazing all day and really enjoyed the hands on sensory session with the bird feathers. We then explored the grounds and fed the birds. Some even ate it from our hands! We played in Welly boot land and also visited the otters and Tropical centre.

Magic Potions in Rainbows

posted 1 Mar 2016, 09:39 by Philippa Dancey

Rainbows have been looking at measures in Maths this week and looking at how to measure out liquid. We then mixed water, colour and glitter to make some magic Harry Potter potions.

Magic Wands in Rainbows

posted 26 Feb 2016, 09:31 by Philippa Dancey

This week we have been making wands out of bamboo sticks. We chose a magical core to go in the centre of our wand. There were phoenix feathers, unicorn hair, trolls toe hair and other magical thing to choose from. We then painted them with metallic paints.

We also made brooms. We used empty wrapping paper tubes for the broom handle. We collected twigs from around the Forest area in school and used these for the brush end of the broom. Using string we tied the twigs to the handle and then hung them from the ceiling in our classroom to create a Hogwarts atmosphere.

Fire Safety in Rainbows

posted 8 Feb 2016, 06:58 by Philippa Dancey

Rainbows have been looking at Superheroes as part of their topic this term so we decided to go and visit some real life Superheroes at the Fire Station. Rainbows class dressed Miss Jones up in the Fire safety equipment and then everybody had a chance to try on the gas mask and carry the air tank. We then had a tour around the Fire station. We were allowed to explore the Fire engine and saw where all the hoses were stored and looked at some of the tools they keep in the back. We also had a chance to use a hose and squirt lots of water. It was a really good trip and we learnt lots.

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