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Phoenix Learning Update - week ending 20th March 2015

posted 25 Mar 2015, 09:51 by Philippa Dancey

Phoenix class have had lots of fun this week. They’ve learnt all about a new programme called Prezi. It works very much like Power-point. The children first had to choose a template frame. Then using the different sections from the template (the circles), the children were able to add their content either in the form of text, images or even PDF’s. With this the children built up their number of frames and thus their ‘Prezi-entation’.                                                                                                                                                                               

In other areas of the curriculum the children have been doing a fab job in Maths; where they have been tackling fractions. They have learnt the names of the top and bottom numbers of a fraction and what they mean. They have identified fractions of different shapes and worked out numerous equivalent fractions using fraction walls.