Phoenix Class

Taught by Mrs Geatches and Mrs Pillinger assisted by Mrs Wicks, Mrs Ponting and Mrs Flagg

A Great End to the Academic Year for Phoenix

posted 25 Jul 2016, 04:59 by Philippa Dancey

Phoenix have had a really good end to the term. They have finished their unit on the Olympics by making their Greek Pots. They made them out of clay and then painted them using orange and black paint. The boys put their own designs onto their pots and told their own stories through the pictures that they painted. The look fab!

Phoenix also celebrated 3 birthday's this week and enjoyed some cheeky cake too! 

We said a final farewell to our Year 6 boys from Phoenix. They all participated in the leavers assembly and enjoyed their Sausage and chips as a leavers treat!

Well done Phoenix - an excellent end to the academic year!

Phoenix Reward Trip

posted 25 Jul 2016, 04:55 by Philippa Dancey

Phoenix have had a fantastic week coming to the end of their topic learning about the Olympics. We have learnt about Eco-systems this week and where there are in Brazil. The boys also learnt a new fact about what a Biome is and understood this as a large eco-system such as a Rainforest or a Desert. WOW!

The boys also went on their end of term reward trip to Tenpin Bowling. The boys had a fantastic time playing their game and some even got over 100 points! They even scored a few strikes! Then the boys were treated to a McDonald's Happy Meal as part of their reward. They all ate politely and were fantastic representatives of The Ridge Academy.

Phoenix love the Summer Fun Day

posted 11 Jul 2016, 01:50 by Philippa Dancey   [ updated 25 Jul 2016, 05:14 ]

Phoenix started this week with the summer fun day! They really enjoyed helping with our teddy bear stall, making signs and putting the teddy's onto the table to sell. The boys enjoyed bouncing on the bouncy castles, climbing up and down the slide and eating yummy ice-cream!! 

Phoenix have also continued with their Geography work this week looking at the Human features of Brazil and the effect it has had on the local landscape. 

Finally, the boys made their own Olympic athlete's using different coloured pipe cleaners! They chose a sport from the Olympics and moulded the pipe cleaners together to portray that sport. Excellent!

Phoenix and Greece

posted 5 Jul 2016, 02:37 by Philippa Dancey

This week in Phoenix, the boys learnt about 1st, 2nd and 3rd person. They were able to identify what each of them represented and the way in which you would use them in their writing. The boys enjoyed the challenge!

We have also focused more on the Olympics this week with our Geography lessons. We have looked at the 7 continents and the boys have been able to locate where Brazil is on a world map. With the use of an Atlas, the boys enjoyed finding the different countries and the continents.

Finally, the boys have started their DT work where they have been looking at different Greek pottery and understanding why the Greeks made them with such detailed drawings. The boys have put their ideas onto a template ready for them to transfer into clay next week!

Forest School for Phoenix

posted 26 Jun 2016, 14:23 by Philippa Dancey

This week in Phoenix, we had our second week at experiencing Forest school! We had another fab time on the rope swing and we were able to explore a different part of the hill looking for new bugs.

Phoenix class have also worked really hard with their target work. They have started to work towards completing their Summer term targets and the boys have been really focused! They have also worked hard in Maths when learning about 2-D shapes and their properties. 

Finally, the boys had an opportunity to go to Pittville Park on Thursday to help encourage their enthusiasm and love for sport. The boys enjoyed jumping on the mini trampolines, zooming on the zip-wires and splashing in the water!

Phoenix and Shapes

posted 17 Jun 2016, 03:40 by Philippa Dancey

This week in Phoenix we started our new Maths unit on Shape. The boys learnt about 2D shape and their properties. Phoenix were able to discover what the properties were; sides, corners, colour and even the angles within the shape! Fab!

Phoenix have also had the opportunity to go to Crickley Hill as part of a Forest school intervention. The boys are able to go and explore the forest area looking for bugs and different species of plants. One of the boys even found a group of funghi! The class enjoyed discovering the rope swing there too and all had a go at being their very own Tarzan...which we caught on camera!

Going for Gold in Phoenix

posted 10 Jun 2016, 09:30 by Philippa Dancey

Phoenix have had a fantastic start to the term and have already made progress with their topic 'Going for Gold' for the Olympics. During Immersion week the children have made Laurel Leaf crowns, Olympic torches, Medals out of clay, have had their own Olympic Doughnut eating competition and lots, lots more! The boys have responded really well to this and have created some good quality pieces of work!

Phoenix also had an opportunity to join the whole school trip to Cattle Country on Wednesday. They had a fantastic time and enjoyed jumping on the giant Dome and going down the Death slides!

Great start to the term Phoenix - well done!

Jungle Stories completed in Phoenix

posted 30 May 2016, 08:40 by Philippa Dancey

Phoenix have finally completed their jungle stories! All of the boys have written their own stories which have a clear beginning, middle and end section. They have worked incredibly hard on them and have enjoyed sharing them with the rest of the class this week. 

Phoenix class have also enjoyed another reward trip to Jumptastic! All of the boys earned the trip and it was lovely to see them all having fun bouncing around on the trampolines. We also enjoyed a little picnic in the viewing area afterwards!

When we returned to school, the boys had some yummy birthday cake to celebrate Kye's birthday!

Have a fab half-term Phoenix and we'll see you next term for more fantastic learning!

Jungle Stories in Phoenix

posted 24 May 2016, 07:49 by Philippa Dancey

Phoenix have had a fantastic week writing their Jungle stories! The class have written the beginning and middle sections of their stories so far and they cannot wait to write the end section! The boys have worked really hard on these so far, especially making sure they are using interesting and descriptive language.

The boys have also worked really hard with their Maths task this week. They have had a mini assessment activity on Fractions to assess what they have been learning over the past term. They all did really well and proved their understanding. Well done!

Finally, on Thursday, Phoenix class went on a trip to Bristol Zoo to help them have a mini experience of what it would be like to be in the Jungle. The boys loved looking at all of the different animals and enjoyed exploring the different areas around the Zoo. They especially loved their ice-cream treat at the end of the trip as a reward for their fantastic behaviour! 

Phoenix make us proud

posted 14 May 2016, 03:27 by Philippa Dancey

This week in Phoenix we have continued to plan our stories in English by completing a character profile and a plan for our setting. The boys created their own characters for their stories and made sure that they could adapt to the jungle setting that they will use for their story. 

The boys continued their music with Mrs Pillinger and made their own instruments out of recycled materials. They made pan pipes out of straws and they sounded fantastic!! 

Finally, a special well done to the boys in Phoenix who completed their SAT's tests this week. They tried their best and we couldn't be prouder!  

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