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Seadragons - Fiction or Non Fiction?

posted 21 Nov 2016, 06:32 by Philippa Dancey

This week in Seadragons, the boys have been focusing on their new English topic, Fiction and Non-fiction texts. They were able to look at a few examples at the beginning of the week and decide whether the texts were Fiction or Non-fiction, explaining their reasons why. The class were really good at this and gave some strong reasons for their answers. 

In Maths this week, the boys have explored different methods to Add numbers together. They started looking at the number line method, progressed onto the bar method and then decided that the Column method was the best method for them to use. Some boys even progressed onto adding numbers including decimals! WOW!

We also have some more pictures of the boys making their Poppies from Remembrance Day last week.