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Kelloggs Breakfast Club at the Ridge

posted 4 May 2016, 11:34 by Philippa Dancey


The Ridge Academy received free breakfasts for all their Year Six pupils taking SATs exams this week - after food company Kellogg’s donated the cereal to the school’s breakfast club.

The Ridge is one of over 300 schools across the country to receive a week of free breakfasts to ensure year six children get the best start to the day at exam time.

According to research by Kellogg’s, last year one in six children took their National Curriculum tests, known as SATs, without having breakfast*. Many children even said they were too nervous to eat.

Mr Hales said: It’s especially important during SATs week that children start the day with breakfast in a safe and supportive environment so they can do their very best in their exams.

“The donated cereal will help our breakfast club open its doors, for free, to all Year Six students so they aren’t going into their exams hungry and unable to concentrate.” 

According to another Kellogg’s study, 36 per cent of teachers see children arriving at school hungry every day. Some 82 per cent of teachers say hunger and thirst leaves children in their class unable to concentrate, and 50 per cent claim hunger makes pupils more disruptive.

Kellogg’s has been supporting school breakfast clubs for 18 years and is committed to donating cereal and snacks to families in need through breakfast clubs, food banks, and community projects.