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EGGciting times in Phoenix

posted 23 Mar 2016, 11:35 by Philippa Dancey

It has been an EGGciting week in Phoenix. We have been able to carry on our understanding of Easter from the RE day that we had last week and we have participated in lots of creative activities to do this. 

We have made Easter nests using melted chocolate and rice krispies. We then added a few Mini Eggs to represent the eggs in a nest. We then made Easter cards to give to either a family member or a friend. We made a Bunny Rabbit shaped card which the boys then adapted to make it more personal to them. Finally, Phoenix made Bunny Rabbit shaped egg cups which they coloured in using colours that represented Spring. The boys then constructed them together using A4 paper and made them 3D! Fantastic use of their Maths knowledge too!