Malvern Spring Show Schools Garden Project

On Wednesday 22nd October,  Ms Ravell and some Year 5 pupils from The Ridge Academy visited the Malvern Showground for the initial meeting for the Malvern Spring Show School Garden Project.  We will be creating a garden with pupils from the Peak Academy so we met Ms Medlow and two students from Year 7, Scott and Kieran there too.

Theme of the garden - The route to the hills.

Purpose: The purpose of the day was to visit the plot, ask questions, create preliminary design ideas and attend an inspirational presentation by Chris Collins, Blue Peter gardener.

The Ridge and The Peak academies will work together on a joint project.

In their 4x4m plot they will have a representation of the Malvern Hills which divides the plot diagonally into two halves. The character ‘Epic Face’ will fill the centre of the plot. It will be created using colourful vegetables and flowers.

Additional feature pieces in the plot will include a compost bin with a monster mouth and a creepy hotel.