SATS are over!

posted 16 May 2015, 07:45 by Philippa Dancey

Finally some pictures from Lightning Bolts as we did something exciting now that our SATs are over. We spent the morning at The Everyman Theatre having a tour around the theatre, going back stage to explore scenery, costume and props and discussing the vision behind the version of Romeo and Juliet currently running at the theatre. We then put our own acting skills to the test acting out the opening lines of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet focussing on how we could deliver  the prologue, using Shakespeare's original language. 

The directer for education at The Everyman was so impressed with the boys understanding and enthusiasm for the play and their behaviour, very proud moment as always when we go out. As we will be performing at the fun day in summer, I invited her along and she would be delighted to attend.