An Exciting Start in Lightning Bolts! Superheroes

posted 22 Nov 2014, 03:56 by Philippa Dancey

Lightning Bolts have had a ‘super’ start to the new school year, learning with a ‘superheroes’ themed topic! To kick off our theme Mr Meggs dressed up and the class created their own

Superhero costumes, it was a funny and exciting start to our learning! So what did we do? Our Pop Art was a huge success and some fantastic superhero themed canvases were produced, from Superman to Super Mario, which look great up on the walls of the classroom. History looked at a number of real life superheroes such as Nelson Mandela and Jessica Ennis. Our lesson on Bear Grylls was an eye opener and I don’t think any of Lightning Bolts wants to be stranded in the Sahara anytime soon! Literacy saw the class produce some fantastic information texts on a

superhero of their choice and wrote some exciting openings to a story based on their made up superhero. In Maths we did a lot of number work, applying what we had learned to problem solving and more recently looked at 2d shapes and their ‘superhero’ properties.

After all this hard work most of Lightning Bolts are looking forward to a week of adventure at PGL. We hope the children and staff have a fantastic time, and enjoy completing lots of new and  exciting challenges!

Superheroes in Lightning Bolts

Our first topic this term has been ‘Superheroes’. We have written some superb information texts packed full of details that inform, describe and explain. These were based around our favourite superheroes, with the layout and structure inspired by Dorlin Kindersley non-fiction books and the way they use colours and shapes.

In Maths we have focussed on formal methods of addition and subtraction, using and applying these in problem solving. We have also explored a wider range of 2D shapes recognising and describing the features of shapes such as trapeziums and parallelograms.

Our work on creative curriculum has explored what makes a real life superhero, what qualities we share with superheroes and historical superheroes such as Nelson Mandela.

Our artwork has been centred around Pop Art, the features, colours and patterns and recreated our own versions, inspired by Andy Warhol.