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Starfish Class

Taught by Miss Whitehurst, Mrs Pillinger, Mrs Barnes, Mr Taylor and Miss Langdon

Starfish Pirates

posted 20 Jun 2017, 08:55 by Philippa Dancey   [ updated 20 Jun 2017, 08:56 ]

Last week, Starfish learned about the structure of the story 'Peepo', and we have been creating a special class project on the iPad - so watch this space!

In Maths, we have been carrying on with multiplications - learning how to read and solve multiplication problems using objects to help us.

We also had a Topic Day on Thursday and we went on a Treasure Hunt in the school playground (carefully trying to stay out of the sea in case the crocodiles snapped at our feet). Afterwards, we made our own pirate treasure maps!

Under the Sea with Starfish

posted 13 Jun 2017, 11:40 by Philippa Dancey

Last week, Starfish discovered our new topic for this term was Under the Sea. We have made handprint fish and starfish, a big shark and a submarine! In English, we have been reading 'Peepo' by Janet & Allan Ahlberg and had a pre-learning task of writing about a room in our homes. In Maths, we have started to learn about multiplication by counting in sets of 2, 10 and 5. The children have done well to come back to school settled and ready to learn! Keep it up, Starfish!

Starfish visit SS Great Britain

posted 23 May 2017, 01:50 by Philippa Dancey

Starfish have worked very hard to learn all about Inventors and Explorers this term, and we have rounded it off with a visit to Brunel's SS Great Britain. On the way there, we also saw Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge - something we have been learning about with Mrs Pillinger! Once on the ship, we enjoyed turning the steering wheel and going below deck where we saw where the people lived and worked back in the late 19th Century. It was a fantastic day!

Starfish Circus Painting

posted 6 Apr 2017, 11:30 by Philippa Dancey

Starfish have finished their Artwork for this term, and I think you'll agree it's amazing! This is Starfish's take on Georges Seurat's 'Circus' painting. We used dots just like he did, but we decided to use pens instead of paint. Well done to all the children who took part to contribute their work towards one great piece of Art!

Starfish Reward Outing

posted 28 Mar 2017, 09:22 by Philippa Dancey

Starfish Class enjoyed their Reward Trip today to Cranham Scout Centre. We had lots of fun exploring, finding animal holes, wading through the stream, playing on a rope swing (and falling off it!), toasting marshmallows and eating hot dogs around a fire. We even found water fleas, a crane fly and a dragon fly nymph when we used our nets in the stream. It was a fantastic day out to celebrate the good behaviour this term!

Starfish working hard

posted 28 Mar 2017, 00:41 by Philippa Dancey

Starfish have been showing what they know about rhyming words last week by listening for words that rhyme and trying to think of other rhyming words too. We're hoping to be able to create our own limericks using this knowledge very soon!

We've had some super duper Maths work focusing on subtraction. Some children have even been subtracting double digits from 100! We are lucky enough to have Numicon resources now, which is helping our Starfish to use practical resources showing real quantities when working out our sums.

In Art, we've been using tracing paper to copy different sections of Georges Seurat's painting of 'The Circus'. This afternoon, we had a go at copying his pointillism style (lots of tiny dots). Here are Codie and Tyler's work.

Roll up, Roll up in Starfish class

posted 5 Mar 2017, 06:57 by Philippa Dancey

Roll Up! Roll Up! Starfish Class have been excited to discover that their topic this term is all about ‘The Circus’! We have begun our topic by creating our own Starfish Circus role play area in our classroom, and we’ve been having a go at circus skills – such as walking on a tight-rope and juggling hoops. In English, we are making posters advertising our Starfish Circus and in Maths, we have been learning about coin value and using coins to buy tickets/snacks in our Ticket Office. We enjoyed a visit from a clown on Monday and we had a wonderful time dressing up and looking at stories today for World Book Day!

Starfish have a great week of learning

posted 7 Feb 2017, 18:12 by Philippa Dancey

After writing our amazing stories last week in Starfish, we realised that we needed to learn what capital letters are and when to use them. This week, we've really enjoyed finding where capital letters should be going in sentences using very grown-up highlighter pens, and using capital letters in our names by printing them in play-dough. We've also been singing the alphabet song in school, so please practise it with us at home - especially 'L M N O P'! :-)

In Maths, we've been counting out objects to find the missing number, and to write number sentences. 

A brilliant week so far - well done Starfish!

Starfish embrace the new curriculum theme

posted 20 Jan 2017, 21:23 by Philippa Dancey

In Starfish this week, we have been getting lots of learning done! We have started to plan our own stories in English and we had a go at writing a story opener sentence today, after planning our characters/settings and beginning/middle/end.

In Maths, we have been continuing to look at 2D shapes, trying to recall common 2D shape names as well as identifying them when they are rotated. Our shape theme also extended into Art, where the children made Indian block prints using 3D shapes!

In Science, we have looked at Animal Habitats and how animals can camouflage themselves to their environment. In Art, Starfish have been making Indian block prints using 3D shapes. We also had some Indian food on Tuesday afternoon, and the Starfish polished quite a lot of it off! For some of the children, this food was new to them so we are very proud of them for trying something new!

Starfish Christmas Poems

posted 16 Dec 2016, 09:18 by Philippa Dancey

The Starfish have all worked hard last week and this week to write their Christmas Sensory Poems, and the team are all proud of the work they have achieved. They have used adjectives in their writing and tried hard to keep their handwriting neat and tidy. They are taking these home for Christmas and we hope each child feels proud of the hard work they have done to achieve such well-written pieces!

Merry Christmas to everyone, love from Team Starfish 

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