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World Cup

posted 4 Aug 2014, 07:35 by Philippa Dancey   [ updated 29 Aug 2014, 06:13 ]

Oak Summer Term 6 2014

What a fantastic term to round off a fantastic year in Oak. Like the rest of school, World Cup has been our theme and we have done some fantastic work across the curriculum.

Maths has centred around calculation methods in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division focussing on decimals. We have then applied this in a range of real life and money based problems, puzzles and challenges. Literacy has focussed on stories with dilemmas. We researched the issues and dilemmas Brazil has faced in hosting The World Cup before using story mountains and story board planning to plan, draft and edit our own stories based on this.

Our theme of World Cup has involved a range of geographical work on countries around the world who qualified for 2014 World Cup, from the host country Brazil to fellow European countries like France. We have compared these countries to England, noting similarities and differences. Our ICT work has focused on spreadsheets and we have developed our knowledge to be able to design and enter formulae to calculate from, based on how well our focus country have done in their football matches.

We all selected at random a focus country to explore and research, from Nigeria to Columbia, from Ecuador to Costa Rica. We have explored whether national football kits are based on the national colours and flag, used ICT to put ourselves in their football squad and explored the probability of our teams winning the competition. Tom’s team got the furthest as he chose beaten finalist Argentina.

Oak Class Teaching Team and Year 5 would like to wish all our friends in Year 6 good luck as they move on to their new schools, we will miss you and thanks for making this year so much fun!