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Ocean Room

Nurture Provision at the Ridge

Provided by Mrs Aldridge and Mrs Ratcliffe

Nurture of our pupils is a very important aspect of what we do at the Ridge.

The photos below show our pupils having fun and learning in our Ocean Room room where the Nurture provision takes place.

Please note Ocean Room was formerly known as Happy Feet - changed to Ocean Room in September 2016

Summer continues buzzing in Ocean Room

posted 4 Jul 2017, 02:41 by Philippa Dancey

This week in the Ocean Room we have still been holding on to the summer. We have looked into the life of a bumble bee and how important they are to society. The children have created their own buzzy bee finger puppet and they look great! We have baked some yummy multicoloured cakes which was great fun mixing all the different colours together. The Ocean Room children have been making a big effort this week with their targets, with lots of them reaching their given aims. 

Summer arrives in Ocean

posted 22 Jun 2017, 09:18 by Philippa Dancey

Keeping to our summer theme the children have been listening to and following instructions to make their own yummy edible flowers. We have been having lots of discussions on keeping healthy and safe in the hot weather and how to keep ourselves cool and hydrated.  

Summer begins in Ocean Room

posted 8 Jun 2017, 03:05 by Philippa Dancey

We've had a busy start to the term in the Ocean Room.  We are all about the summer season and this week we have been talking about the weather.  The children have made their own rainbows and kites and have had great fun flying them in the wind.  They have also enjoyed experimenting with mixing primary colours to make other colours.  Freddie and Liam worked together to create a magnificent marble run,  they were very proud of their achievements.

Preparing for Easter in Ocean

posted 6 Apr 2017, 02:36 by Philippa Dancey

 This week in the Ocean Room was have been continuing our sensory play. The children got very messy but seemed to enjoy greatly squirting and mixing shaving foam and paint together. The children played and wrote their name in the foam. The Ocean Room children have been busy making lots of yummy Easter cakes ready to sell at our Easter extravaganza. Happy Easter Holidays all.  

Balloons in Ocean Room

posted 30 Mar 2017, 09:07 by Philippa Dancey

This week in the Ocean Room we are all about balloons. We have been creating paintings using balloons and paint, printing and mixing the colours to see the effects.  We have been making our own sensory balloons using different items to create different textures and smells.  We have used, flour, sand, shaving foam, coconut and rice to name a few.

Messy Play in Ocean Room

posted 28 Mar 2017, 00:48 by Philippa Dancey

This  week in the ocean room we have been doing messy play. We have been playing with wobbly jelly and slippery spaghetti. The children have came up with some good adjectives to describe the activities. 

From Caterpillars to Butterflies in Ocean Room

posted 6 Mar 2017, 08:33 by Philippa Dancey

This term in the ocean room we are looking at the caterpillars and butterflies. We have been making caterpillars from egg boxes and using sponges to print them. The children have looked at all different types of butterflies and some children used clay to make butterflies. The Ocean Room are awaiting a delivery of caterpillar eggs  so that we can look at the life cycle of the butterfly, we will keep you posted as to their development. 

Life Cycle of the Butterfly - in Ocean Room

posted 22 Feb 2017, 10:06 by Philippa Dancey

To start the new term in The Ocean Room we have been talking about the life cycle of a butterfly.  We are awaiting delivery of our eggs, where the children will have the opportunity to look after them and watch them develop, before releasing them when they have turned into butterflies.  We have been very creative with our artwork and we have been following instructions and using our skills to make our healthy caterpillar treats.  We have been especially impressed at how the children have been helping each other and working together in a very positive way.  

Chinese New Year in Ocean

posted 1 Feb 2017, 19:12 by Philippa Dancey

This week in the Ocean Room we have been looking at Chinese New Year.  The children have made musical instruments and created sponge dragons.  We have worked out which animal each child is in the Chinese Zodiac using the year in which they were born. We have cooked moon cakes which are traditionally made during Chinese New Year.

Taking it in turns in Ocean Room

posted 20 Jan 2017, 21:21 by Philippa Dancey

This week in the Ocean Room we have been baking cakes within a group, taking turns and sharing.  We have followed instructions to decorate them like spiders.  We have been reading some of our favourite traditional stories this week, including The Wizard of Oz.

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