Dazzling Disney - Nov - Dec 2014

posted 20 Dec 2014, 08:48 by Philippa Dancey   [ updated 20 Dec 2014, 08:49 ]
The topic for Jelly Bean Class this term has been ‘Dazzling Disney’.

In English, Jelly Bean Class have progressed with their Phonics this term and have been able to use this to help them with their reading and spelling. Jelly Beans have also been able to understand what an Information Text is and create their own Information Text about ‘Walt Disney’.

In Maths, Jelly Bean class have focussed mainly focussed on 2-Dimensional and 3
Dimensional shapes this term. The children have been able to name and identify the
properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes. This has been a positive challenge for Jelly Beans!

Jelly Beans enjoyed celebrating the end of their Disney topic but having a Disney party. The children enjoyed playing games, dressing up as Disney characters and making Disney crafts. It was an amazing afternoon!

Finally, Jelly Bean Class have enjoyed completing their Horse Riding and Swimming lessons. In Horse Riding, the children have learnt how to tell a horse to trot and some children have rode independently! They have also had chance to tidy up the yard and feed hay to the horses. In Swimming, the children have had the opportunity to swim a width, jump into the pool and understand how to be safe in the pool environment.

What a fantastic term Jelly Beans! Keep it up!
Mrs Geatches and Jelly Bean Class Team