Tuesday 10th February - Awesome Art and more

posted 10 Feb 2015, 08:42 by Philippa Dancey   [ updated 10 Feb 2015, 10:58 ]

The children in Lightning Bolts have been producing some awesome art work this afternoon. They chose an extreme sport picture and tried to copy it using a range of different materials. Jensen and Jaheim were so proud of what they produced they wanted to share their work on the school website!!!

Other work done by the pupils at school today include:

Wacky Weather

It was great to see all of Rainbow class bring their amazing cross curricular writing on forecasting the weather. It was amazing to see that children used a fantastic range of description!!! Well done Rainbow class!!!

Air Resistance

Great job Jacob and Jaheim. They were able to clearly explain their experiment to me and how it was a fair test. They both gave a brilliant conclusion to their experiment.


Tyler and Bradley came to show me their division work. They both persevered and tried their best to get the end of this challenging work!!! Well done to Tyler and Bradley!!