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Sculpting Heads

Local Artist Hilary Baker came into the Ridge last year to work with parents and pupils on a sculpting class.

 The project involved the artist working with pupils and parents/carers to make clay self-portraits.  Children worked with their parents and without the use of a mirror.  It opened up dialogue within these pairings about facial features, likenesses and more.  20 pupils and parents were involved and learnt skills such as working with tools, collaborating with others, sociability and responsibility (clearing up afterwards, chatting about the experience over a post session biscuit and drink) and most importantly pride in their work – all the heads are on display around the school and not one has been damaged.  The Principal has written evidence from parents and pupils available to sing the praises of this project.

We would like to develop this programme further and wider to include all pupils and all families into these wider creative fields to really give them a sense of self-worth, pride and responsibility.  

Please see the photos of the pupils and parents/carers at work on this project - Sculpting Heads